On climbing a mount (poem)

Once on the mount,

was the day I never forget

No one knows the struggle

that I have made for this.

On the first try,

I was teased by the mount

“you can’t climb on me

if you are a lazy one”

says the mount.

There was no-one to look-

back on my desire

so I decided to start off


While climbing the mount,

I forgot the words “look down”

and “give up” but remembered

“focus” and “never give up”;

and so, was able to take-

crisis as nothing for me.

Finally, I surprised the mount.

At the height of the world, where

I could see the beauty of the world.

The cold wind that blew wiped

away the sorrows in my mind.

Although I was able to touch-

the clouds of the sky,

this is just a beginning because

I haven’t touched the stars.

-Akshai Krishna S

The empty classroom (poem)

It was too early that even-

the sky looked like a night

And the cold breeze wiped-

Out my tiredness,

when I reached the school.

On my way to the classroom,

It looked scary in the dark-

Like an inky woodland,

But I felt stronger as I was-

The only one in the school

As I entered the classroom,

I could see only the board

And the chairs ready for the class

And I kept my bag on the school-

Chair where I used to sit

I looked at the sky through-

the glass window, I could see the stars-

shining in the blue sky while the flats-

were asleep except one or two windows

And the street lights in the highways.

I turned towards the school chairs

And I remember the last day when this

were filled with students, it was noisy

that angered the teachers but now this

chairs are filled with loneliness and silence

I even remember that one day,

The teacher says in anger that the school

is for studies not for making pairs but

Later says in merciful mind that we are innocents-

Who have just hit the adolescent age

When I returned from my memories,

I could see the sky becoming brighter

But later the clouds darkened the sky

And starts to rain heavily watering-

the plants and bathing the city

When no one is there,

Some would wish to sleep

Some would wish to talk to their crush

Some would wish have classes right now

While I wish to have no class today.

Shortly after sometime,

I could see some walking outside

The corridors and before-

Anyone could come in the classroom, I was

able to finish the poem ‘The empty classroom’.

                                                                             -Akshai Krishna S

The night bright sky (poem)

It’s nice to have a house,

On a hilly mount, where no-

One does disturb me and

It’s nicer, to have a daring-

Glass bedroom to sleep in the-

Corner of the house.

As I lie down in the bed,

I look the beauty of the sky,

Through the glass in the night

While the Fireflies with its light,

Further adds the beauty.

When the moon, the king of night,

Shines in the sky with the help of the god-

Of the day, Seeing the small patterns on the moon

I wonder whether it’s a rabbit or a deer.

But later realizes that they are just mountain rocks.

Then moves my eyes towards the stars,

Which is shining like a small diamonds forming-

Constellations in the blue-black night sky.

When I studied the little stars, I was surprised-

To know the real size of these little bulbs.

Though this night sky fills in my heart,  

They are just images from this world.

As I close my eyes,

I wish to travel beyond the sky and

Around the cosmos in my dreams.

As I open my eyes,

I could see the sun raising-

From the east, dimming the stars-

with its bright lights and makes

the silent night into a noisy day.

-Akshai Krishna S